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See what viewers are saying about my teaching style

Your teaching technique is spot on! Love these videos. I have found exactly the same as you where most of the online stuff, the riders are so good that they don’t understand what they do, they just do it. I’m an ex British Champion road racer and club champion enduro rider, but in trials, very much a clubman rider trying to learn and teach my kids. As such, the way you’re breaking this down is perfect for me. 
Tom, your videos demonstrating techniques from your perspective and personal journey in Trials are not only refreshing but key on different details and methods to progression. No one else has done this. Thanks again and keep up the good work!!
You are extremely good at breaking it down into small steps that lead to a big outcome at the end. I really like your way of teaching, it's very easy to understand,
Dude!! Awesome sauce, your breakdown of learning is very helpful. I always find it more helpful watching real people riding and learning than the pros. The pro tips are good, but overload. Drilling is key. My 1st two years, I just showed up and rode. Now drills and cones, and it helps keep the score down and the fiasco's away!!! Keep it up!
Very well done Tom. I think I learned more from your teaching than I have from any other video regarding clutch control. Most of the "pro" riders have just learned to do some of the moves so well that they are unable to tell exactly what it is they are doing. Your videos where you actually miss are as good of a teaching moment at anything. Don't edit those out. I loved it.
Breaking things down into smaller details. I have training dvds and have watched YouTube tutorials as well, but you spend more time on slow mo and small details which I find helpful. I think the pros, by the time they’re offering lessons, do so much by muscle memory and subconsciously without thinking, that they gloss over the small movements because they don’t even realize they’re doing them.

Tom Trantow

Hi, I'm Tom Trantow - Trials Enthusiast. I started documenting my journey in trials as a way to help others. The feedback I got from the trials community helped me realize the service I could provide by going into more detail with my successes and even failures.

For anyone who loves learning and growing in their trials skills and wants to dive deeper - You are my people. 

Maybe you are like me.

When I 1st got my trials bike, all I wanted to do was go ride. I felt like a kid again. I remember trying to wheelie until my forearm pump was too much to continue riding. All I wanted to do was get better. I had lots of ambition, but little direction. I would watch YouTube videos and go out and try over and over again to do techniques that were well outside of my ability. I got frustrated and doubled down on my learning. I studied professionals in their moves. I took a Ryan Young Class, attended Trials Training Days at the Trials Training Center and had an online Coach - Neil Price. I knew there had to be way to train that would produce the internalized results where things would start to be "easy" like it appeared for all those pros.

Being a former College Volleyball player and coach, I decided to figure out what each part of my body was supposed to be doing. If I could break down just what the throttle hand was doing and drill it again and again. I knew that I could then add in the clutch. I began putting together little drills that would allow these movements, with each of my extremities, to become muscle memory. Then my mind was freed up to focus on the next part of the move. All this layering in of the foundational elements produced a quick learning curve. Things got easier faster. My confidence grew and my skills progressed quickly. I started sharing all these different drills and it appeared that the community wanted more skills breakdowns as well.  

Learn Skills in Order

An increasing library of skills that is organized and extremely detailed with a step by step systematic guide to building the foundational skills needed to progress your skills and make you a better rider

The Trials Curriculum will help you:

  1. Learn skills in order so that you are progressing as quickly as possible
  2. Set realistic guidelines to develop a safe progression (no macho stuff attempting to "just send it")
  3. Provides guidance on what to work on next for growth in observed trials competitions
  4. Challenges you to demonstrate or pass a test to prove you are ready to move ono the next lesson 
  5. Train with repeatable drills so that you can breakdown complex techniques into functional micro-skills

This course outline is updated as of Jan 10th 2024

The course numbers represent skill levels

Includes  Ray Peters - Trials Coach

Lessons and Interviews with Ray Peters on Foundations for riding, Turning, Basic Wheelie, Single Blip Zap and reducing complexity and frustration.

Includes  Wheelie Progression Course

Full, A to Z, Trials Wheelie Progression Course that was a free offer in March. You'll work through drills and action steps to become confident and comfortable riding at the balance point and use the rear brake to bring it back down safely. You will learn to place your front wheel accurately onto an elevated obstacle which is a vital skill in obstacle riding. You will leverage those skills to learn floater turns and even hopping on the back wheel. The advanced lessons include USA Pro rider Sam Fastle as a special guest instructor.   

Includes  Learn to Zap Course

This will be a full A to Z course on how to Zap obstacles with 18 lessons. We will start with an overview and then go through developing all the needed skills to successfully learn to Zap. This will include the most common mistakes when learning and how to overcome those challenges. Pro Rider Sam Fastle will be instructing as well as supplementary drills and lessons from Tom Trantow. 

Includes  Learn to Front Wheel Hop

20 lesson, step-by-step guide that breaks down all the micro skills needed to hop even if you can't balance

Includes  Learn to Nose Wheelie

Learn to Nose Wheelie with Sam Fastle. This mini course will teach you the basics of a nose wheelie, help you overcome common mistakes, and teach you to hop the rear wheel to the side. We also cover static rear wheel hops, full bike hops and thoughts on using these in a section. 

Includes  The Suspension Series

Ron's detailed guide to walk you through how to properly set up your suspension for your specific rider weight.

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