Learning to Front Wheel Hop doesn't have to be an exhausting, frustrating experience


The Learn to Front Hop Course is a fully comprehensive, start from scratch, step-by-step, methodical and well structured process to get you hopping. 

You will be traveling at your own pace down a very well lit path of skill development with a coach to guide you along the way. 


And it is risk free!  Your satisfaction is absolutely unconditionally guaranteed or your money back.  

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This is a comprehensive and detailed guide to learning each skill you need to achieve controlled and relaxed front wheel hops


If you can't balance, you can't hop proficiently. No worries, balance training is included.  YOU CAN learn to balance. Develop proficiency in this foundational skill using the balance training, drills and self-assessment tests.  There are over 20 lessons starting from absolute scratch and learning how to static balance to using hops in a section. 


Trails Suspension Tuning Course is included! Suspension plays an important role in all aspects of trials riding, including hopping.  Learning to hop is hard enough. It's not impossible, but it is quite a bit harder to learn on badly tuned suspension.  Many riders try to adjust their suspension to make it easier to hop but usually wind up making things worse instead of better.  The goal of suspension tuning is to help make your bike easier to ride what you ride and how you ride it.   

Add your personal commitment - it's a key ingredient!  The course includes everything else you need.  It has all the prerequisites, all the drills, and all the instruction you need to develop all the micro-skills necessary to proficiently front hop. It offers a straight forward, fully detailed, highly structured process to guide your efforts to turn yourself into a front hopping machine... 

The Suspension Series - Trials Specific Suspension Guide

  • Follow Ron's straight forward guide to breaking down the process of fine turning your suspension to your specific rider weight and preferences
  • The goal is to make your bike easier for you to ride, what you ride, and how you ride it
  • This enables you to learn skills faster. For example, hopping and unload moves are dramatically easier if the suspension is properly set and balanced front to back.
  • Topics include: Choosing the correct spring, Setting pre-Load, Adjusting damping, Adjusting bars and triple clamps, Ride and Fine tuning  

I created this training because when I first started trying to hop my front wheel, I always ended up exhausted and frustrated.  

I had lots of ambition, but little direction. I consumed all I the information I could find on learning this maneuver. I practiced and practiced and practiced, but I was struggling to even make it past 3 hops. I doubled down on my efforts and improvement remained illusive.  I didn't understand how others made it look so effortless.  


It doesn't have to be that difficult to learn to hop.

Turns out, I didn't have all the fundamental prerequisites in place, my suspension was problematic, and the on-line coaching I found didn't identify or explain how to develop all the prerequisite skills I needed.  It is so much quicker and easier to learn each of the required micro skills individually. 

Tom Trantow

Hi, I'm Tom Trantow - Trials Enthusiast. I started documenting my journey in trials as a way to help others. The feedback I got from the trials community helped me realize the service I could provide by going into more detail with my successes and even failures.

For anyone who loves learning and growing in their trials skills and wants to dive deeper - You are my people. 

See what viewers are saying about my teaching style

Your teaching technique is spot on! Love these videos. I have found exactly the same as you where most of the online stuff, the riders are so good that they don’t understand what they do, they just do it. I’m an ex British Champion road racer and club champion enduro rider, but in trials, very much a clubman rider trying to learn and teach my kids. As such, the way you’re breaking this down is perfect for me. 
Tom, your videos demonstrating techniques from your perspective and personal journey in Trials are not only refreshing but key on different details and methods to progression. No one else has done this. Thanks again and keep up the good work!!
You are extremely good at breaking it down into small steps that lead to a big outcome at the end. I really like your way of teaching, it's very easy to understand,
Dude!! Awesome sauce, your breakdown of learning is very helpful. I always find it more helpful watching real people riding and learning than the pros. The pro tips are good, but overload. Drilling is key. My 1st two years, I just showed up and rode. Now drills and cones, and it helps keep the score down and the fiasco's away!!! Keep it up!
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