Why not start a moto trials blog?

Feb 02, 2023

Seems like my brain is always thinking of things related to trials. Often I take notes for future video idea topics or things I recently learned.  

 Here's where I think this will probably go:

  • Future video ideas. It's helpful to flush out my thoughts. To build the idea, and kind of architect it out rather than just throw it together. I am learning to mke videos in a more organized fashion and i think this writing will help with that. I would rather capture my thoughts than let them be like building sand castles which get taken out with the waves of time. My ideas get washed away and life goes on. This way, there is place to store them and possibly build the good ones into topics of further conversation, or even videos. Especially if y'all comment saying as such ;)
  • This is a great place to practice my writing skills. I recently was able to contribute for the online magazine On the Pegs with an article on a youth training day. That will become blog #2. But I figured I better get practicing if I want to keep that type of communication sharp
  • Passion has a tendency to leak out. Trials is in me, so I figure I might as well capture it and organize my thoughts.
  • Some people might prefer reading. This is yet another way to encourage riders and possibly help the trials community in addition to the videos that I am making. 

If you haven't already made it to my YouTube channel and somehow made it here, be sure to click the link below.